Hasher’s Anthem

Hasher’s Anthem

Written by Sandi “Catwoman” Power for a Pittsburgh weekend in 1997.

This song is to the tune of “I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy”

I’m a dirty smelly hasher
Chasing hares is what I do
I check down trails in the afternoon
Drink by the light of the moon
I love mud and blood and brambles
Toxic waste and smelly goo
Dirty shoes, & bloody knees and a real bad case of scabbies
I am a Hasher
How ’bout you?

I’m a drunken beer soaked Hasher
Draining kegs is what I do
For breakfast I must have some oatmeal stout
For lunch it’s a Guinnes or two
For dinner I must do some thinking
Sam’s or Pete’s or maybe microbrew
But when I’m Hashing give me Schaeffer
Give me Busch or Miller
’cause I am a drunken Hasher
Are you a drunken Hasher?
I am a drunken Hasher too!

I’m a horney sex starved Hasher ———–(any town and rhyming hasher name)
Chasing tail is what I do ———————-(can be used in the next 2 lines such as)
I came to Dayton just to get a lay ———-(I came to D.C. just to get a lay)
Ended up screwing a ewe ——————–(Ended up with Pay Per View)
I love kinky sex and spankings
Navel shots and butt chugs too
Give me dildos
Give me butt plugs
Give me whips and bondage
‘Cause I am a horney Hasher
Are you a horney Hasher
I am a horney Hasher too!!!