Black Leather Band

Black Leather Band

Written by Sandi “Catwoman” Power in mid-May of 2001

This song is sung to the tune of “Black Velvet Band” by the Irish Rovers.

Oh the moonlight gleamed off her peircings,
The mistress was queen of the land
And her whip cracked down as I lay there
Tied up in her black leather band.

In a fun little town called Gomorra
In leather and chain I was bound.
And many an hour of sweet happiness
I spent there while I was tied down.

She liked to go strutting down Main Street,
With me in a muzzle and chains
Reined in by that leather clad damsel
Who’s whip caused such pleasure and pain.


I gave my all just to please her
As I fed her peeled grapes and I fanned
I groveled to earn the privilege,
Of wearing her black leather band.

One day I came to my senses
And the handcuffs came off of my hands
I left her spread out on her torture rack.
Tied up with her own leather band.


So come all you randy young fellows
I’d have you take warning by me
Seduced by the lure of depravity
You forget that the pleasures not free.

She’ll strip your pride and your manhood
If you give her that power you see
So just use her as long as you like, me boys
Then turn her right over your knee.

Chorus, twice