DH3 1267 – World Peace Through Beer

2nd annual DH3 Scavenger Hunt celebrating World Peace Through Beer

When:  Sat.  October 21, 2017

Where:  Dayton Peace Museum…..208 W. Monument Ave.  Downtown, Dayton, 45402

Time:  early start:  3:00 gather;  Hares away:  3:15.  

Prelube gather:  1:30-2.

Again this year, please volunteer to spruce up the Peace Museum and yard as part of Make a Difference Day.  In return, the Peace Museum allows us to visit the museum and the use of Holbrooke Hall until 7PM.

Hares: More Leggs and Porkless

World Peace through Beer is celebrated around the hash world to coincide with UN Day.  This year’s featured country is Mexico.   Rumor has it that Hot Tub is working on a shirt to honor the country and the occasion.  Wear peaceful attire and a peaceful attitude.  We will follow a similar scavenger hunt as last year.  Teams of 2-4 will locate peace and war sites and answer clues.  The team with the most correct answers will be awarded a down-down and may or may not receive some international beer or other prize for their competitiveness.

There is a walker (approx. 2 miles) and runner (approx.. 4 miles) trail.  Both are shiggy level 1.

Cost:  $4  This will cover BN and circle beer.

On After:   TBD…at a downtown Dayton bar where the hares can get a good deal.  On After beers are on your own, because as we confirmed at DBC for the Pedal Wagon hash, you all can drink more craft beer than hash cash can bring in!

Questions??    Call More Leggs  937-312-4454 or Porkless 937-470-8739

DH3 1266 – New Moon Hash O Ween

New Moon Halloween Themed Hash

Ghosts and Witches and Creatures of Fright
Don’t miss this call of Halloween (ish) Night
Cum one, Cum all to celebrate the fall season
If you miss this hash, tis an act of treason!

When: Friday Oct. 20, 2017

Where: Fairborn YMCA 300 S. Central Ave.
Time: Gather at 6:45 in back of parking lot (near trees)

* Costumes highly recommended

Shiggy scale = 0.69

Dayton shiggy scale:

1 – Wheelchair/stroller-friendly
2 – Lite Adventure
3 – Shiggylicious
4 – Medivac Potential

If you want to run I would suggest you do this before or after this hash.

Walker and Runners will be on same trail.

This is meant to be a fun “costume friendly” hash.

Expect some tricks, treats, and whatever else Fairborn’s fine streets have to offer!

A to A trail

On after is at Wright Wing – Slap’s friend owns this bar and they are so excited to welcome you half minds!

Cost: $6 – will cover treats, special drinks, and on after beer.

Questions?? Call your Hares: Slap Ya Mamma (808-497-5706), Pull and Pray, and QB

Reminder: DH3 does not allow dogs on trail.


DH3 1265

Hares: Dreams of Dick, G Spot, Don’t Give a Blow
Date: Saturday, October 7, 2017
Time: 3:00 pm (15:00)   NOTE THE EARLY START TIME!!

Cost: $6

Location: Turtlecreek Township Park: 3021 Greentree Road, Lebanon, OH 45036 …. just drive, don’t bitch…. There’s only one entrance so drive in and take the first left and look for the drunk hares. N39 27’36.4″ W84 15’57.3″

Description: Trail will be completely live! Virgin territory! Expect shiggy, beer, nature, fences, private property, thorns, corn, and a surprise RA. Trail is A to B. Outdoor circle rain or shine so bring appropriate clothing, or none at all.

What to bring: A change of clothes and shoes. Virgins! Whistles, Centurian Mugs a good attitude, and a thirst for beer.

Shiggy Level: Anywhere from 2-3 for runners, 1-2 for walkers

Dayton shiggy scale:

1 – Wheelchair/stroller-friendly
2 – Lite Adventure
3 – Shiggylicious
4 – Medivac Potential

On after: TBA

Lost, confused, or in need of bedtime stories? Call the hares: Dreams of Dick 937.478.6320, GSpot 937.239.1258, Don’t Give a Blow 937.313.0331

Reminder: DH3 does not allow dogs on trail.

DH3 1264 – Full Moon – Joint with MVH3

Hares: ???
Date: Thursday, October 5
Time: 7:00 pm / 1900
Cost: $4 USD
Description: Joint Hyper Hash with MVH3!  We will randomly select a hare from the sacred MVH3 hash ticket roll. The selected hare appoints a co-hare. The hare and co-hare will be given 5 minutes to escape. When/if the hares get snared, the flour bags gets handed over and the new hares get 4 minutes. Each subsequent snare gets the new hares a 3 minute head start. Lather, rinse, repeat.

We will start, and with all luck, finish at the bar.


How To Get There: Use your technology.
What to bring:  Whistle, flashlight, beer mug, centurian mug, virgins, change of clothes/shoes, chalk.
Shiggy Level:  ???
Dayton shiggy scale: 
1 – Wheelchair/stroller-friendly
2 – Lite Adventure
3 – Shiggylicious
4 – Medivac Potential
On after:  Little York Tavern
Reminder: DH3 does not permit dogs on trail.
Lost or confused? Call Dirty, 937-776-7912.

DH3 1263 – Bimbo Flasher & Bushwhacker Wedding Hash

DH3 #1263 – Bimbo Flasher & Bushwhacker Wedding Hash
September 23 @ 4:00 pm

22-SEP-2017 Update: 

The trail is dress-up friendly. Wear your duds on trail, with old or otherwise comfortable shoes.

We’ll be parking in front of the school, not behind it. The adjoining church will have stuff going on. Prelube elsewhere or be discreetly vesseled!

Join us as we celebrate the impending nuptials of Bimbo Whacker and Bush Flasher!!! (Or something like that…) They’re getting hitched in October, but we’re going to give them a special hash party this weekend. Come slather them with kisses before they’re off the market for good!

Hares: Beamer, Noodle, Gimp, and Quarter Inch

Cost: $6

Where to meet:
Parking lot beside St. Henry Church and behind
Bishop Leibold School
6666 N Springboro Pike
Dayton, OH 45449


When: 4pm. Chalk talk 4:10 Hares away 4:20.

Shiggy level: 1.2

Dayton shiggy scale: 

  1. Wheelchair/stroller-friendly
  2. Lite Adventure
  3. Shiggylicious
  4. Medivac Potential

What to bring:
Wedding attire (think Fall Formal!)
Hash cash
Much love for Bimbo Flasher & BushWhacker!!!

On after: TBD

Reminder: DH3 does not permit dogs on trail.

In case of emergency, you must be desperate to call a hare, but you can try us!

Beamer: 937-219-3743, Noodle: 937-269-3796, Gimp: 937-305-7016, or Quarter Inch: 937-603-0196

DH3 1262 – New Moon

Hares: Don’t Give a Blow and Goes Down Dirty
Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Time: 7:00 pm / 1900
Cost: $6 USD
Description: Be prepared for a New Moon Off-Road adventure!  Shiggy socks and flashlights recommended.  This won’t be an urban road race, although there is a slight chance of encountering a stray hobo or two on trail.
How To Get There: Take I-75 to Exit 51, Edwin C. Moses Blvd/Nicholas Rd.  Go west on Edwin C. Moses Blvd.  If you pass UD Arena, you are going east on Edwin C Moses Blvd – turn around!  Edwin C Moses Blvd becomes Nicholas Rd. Just past Dryden Rd turn left on West River Road.  Drive 3/4th of a mile on West River Road and turn right on Guthrie Rd.  Drive 3/4th of a mile on Guthrie Road.  Madden Park will be on the left.  The parking lot is at the intersection of Guthrie Rd and McArthur Ave.  Be sure to enjoy the scenic views on the drive.
What to bring:  Whistle, flashlight, beer mug, centurian mug, virgins, and gifts for the hares.
Shiggy Level:  2.69.

Dayton shiggy scale: 

1 – Wheelchair/stroller-friendly
2 – Lite Adventure
3 – Shiggylicious
4 – Medivac Potential
Reminder: DH3 does not permit dogs on trail.
Lost or confused? Call Dirty, 937-776-7912 or No Blow, 937-313-0331.

DH3 1261

DH3# 1261, SCH3 #1062 – Annual Sin City & Dayton Red Dress Run

Please let us know you’re cumming by responding to the Facebook Event page

Hares:  More Leggs & Porkless and possible mystery helpers.

Date: Saturday, September 9, 2017

Time:   3:00   – Registration and logistics

3:30  –  Chalk Talk (DO NOT MISS!!)

3:50  –  On Out

Cost: $10 plus $5 suggested donation to Seville After-School Running Club

Virgins: $5 plus any donation to Seville running club appreciated.

Across this wonderful world we call “Hash Nation”, it’s traditional to raise money during the Red Dress run for a special cause.  The Dayton hashers have “adopted” an after-school running group founded by our own, “Slap Your Mamma”.  Students (most of whom are from poor neighborhoods) who have never run or exercised before or even owned good athletic shoes, get the chance to participate in this club and to run the school’s own “competitive events” with live music, awards, and bib numbers.  Several Dayton hashers have previously assisted with time and donations.  Monetary donations from today’s Red Dress will help pay for snacks/drinks, attire, race day needs and other resources to support these future hashers.

Location: Pre-Lube and On-After

Dayton Beer Company (DBC), 41 Madison St., Dayton, OH, 45402

(at the intersection of Madison and 2nd Streets near downtown Dayton)


Long-time supporter of DH3 and home of the annual Dayton Beer Mile.

Description: There will be a Turkey (2 mile) and Eagle (4 mile) trail.  Most hashers will want to walk and show off their fancy, thrift store red dress, but other wanks are welcome to run ahead to the next Beer Near and wait for the rest of the pack.  This is a More Leggs/Porkless Shiggy level 4 so bring an extra red dress.  Just kidding!! this is urban Shiggy level 1:   all baby stroller friendly streets, but don’t bring your baby strollers, infants, children, or dogs.

To Bring:

  • Extra Cash.  Pre-Lube at DBC is on your own.  There will be hash supported Beer Nears on trail, but also other opportunities to spend money while on trail.
  • Patience.  We will use the Pre-Lube time to “check in” hashers and explain upcoming logistics including “rules” and behavior when in the presence of muggles.  
  • Respect for our DBC hosts.  Do not drink in the DBC parking lot.  You put their liquor license at risk.  As mentioned before, DBC loves the hash and telwe love DBC.
  • Drinking vessels, whistles, wonderful attitude, and good weather.
  • Need we mention your favorite red dresses?
1. Arrive at DBC at 3 or shortly after to register and receive special instructions.
2. Hash cash is $10.00; $5 for Virgins. Bring extra cash for our Seville running club charity and CASH ON TRAIL for extra drinking/eating opportunities.ppho
3. Bring a photo ID.
4. Bring a metal or plastic drinking vessel on trail. No glass, please.

Questions or Whining:  Call Porkless (937-470-8739) or More Leggs (937-312-4454)

DH3 1260 – Full Moon

Hares: Skin To Win & Sir Squirtsalot
Date: Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Time: 7:00 pm(19:00)
Cost: $6 USD
*** As you enter the park, use the lot on the left.
Description: Do you enjoy running through canyons at nightfall, swimming through beautiful lagoons and paragliding in to your destination??? We do too, but this is Kettering. You should however, be compensated by a fantastic trail full of shiggy, curious neighbors, hobos, more shiggy and water. Walker and runner trails. Yes, both walkers and runners will get wet! All this brought to you and masterminded by one Centurian (it’s really true), and one on Centurian watch (at least according to Skin To Win’s take on that).
What to bring: A change of clothes is always a good idea for any hash, but dry socks and shoes are a must for both walkers and runners!! Virgins! Whistles that always get blown but never often enough. Centurian mugs. A thirst for good adventure and beer.
Shiggy Level: Anywhere from 1-3 for runners and walkers
On after: ??? TBD
Reminder: DH3 does not permit dogs on trail.
Lost or confused? Sir Squirtsalot (937-823-4824) or VD… sorry, Skin To Win(937-623-4863)

DH3 #1259 – Cougar Hash, Catwoman’s Bday, Farewell Undercovers

Cum out and show us your wild side while bidding a fond farewell to Undercovers and Happy Birthday to Catwoman. Wear your animal prints of any type.

Hares: Catwoman, Undercovers & P. Head
Cost: $6
Where: The start is in a DR office parking lot at the corner of Wilmington Pike and Composite DR about .27 mile southeast of Patterson RD. You must turn onto Composite and then left into the 1st parking lot to get there. (No access from Wilmington). Approximate address is 1900 Composite Drive.


Theme: Animal Prints, Cougars especially
Shiggy: Runners: a short bit of 3+ but mostly under 2
Walkers: a short bit of 1.5
Trail: Runners: A to B
Walkers: A to A then drive to B for circle & pick up runners
What to Bring: Runners MUST bring a good headlamp or flashlight as well as dry footwear for the on-after.
Everybody should bring all of the normal hash stuff: whistle, mugs, etc…

Lost, lonely, confused??? Call P.Head 937-776-1050

DH3 #1258 – Great American Eclipse Hash

Cum on out and enjoy a relaxing trail…well, relaxing in comparison to that death march trail from Saturday!

When: Monday, 21 August 2017 @ 6:30 PM

Please NOTE, this is a dead trail, and Pack away at 6:40 PM! 

Where: Russ Nature Preserve – 2398 Kemp Rd, Beavercreek, OH 45431


Hares: VD and Pulley

Theme: Do It Yourself Haberdashery!!  Show us your craft skills and decorate your own hash apparel!  Also, we’ll have some extra generic t-shirts, socks, and markers for those that want to pre-lube with us at the park!

Price: $6

Shiggy: 2.69ish

Trail:  A to A-Prime

On After: TBD

HOW TO GET THERE/I.E. ERECTIONS: Use your smartphone or GPS, or trust the hares and use these erections:

  • Take 675 to the N. Fairfield exit, and go south (yes Slap, towards the Fairfield Commons Mall)
  • After ~1.5 miles, turn left onto Kemp
  • After ~2 miles, turn left into the park

Lost, frightened, feeling alone…call VD (or Skin, he doesn’t care either) 937.212.2249